El Camino de la Vida(3D).

10 Jun 2023

El Camino de la Vida (2D).

10 Jun 2023

Traveller's flight routes visualisation.

3 Jun 2023

Cycler's routes with CORINE Land Cover.

10 May 2023

A virtual globe of the Moon's relief.

27 Jan 2022

Finding the point in Portugal furthest from a Catholic Church.

21 Jan 2022

Mapping the bathymetry of Nazaré Canyon, Portugal.

10 Jan 2022

A virtual globe of the Moon's geology.

6 Jan 2022

A 3D rendering and hydrographical map of South America.

5 Jan 2022

A 3D rendering and geological map of Namibia.

3 Jan 2022

A Caminhada da Vida.

31 Dec 2021

A Web Map Service demo with administrative data for Departamento Alto Paraná, Paraguay

1:15,000 map of a farm in southern Namibia including satellite imagery, topography, hydrography and roads

31 Dec 2021

Toolbox for offshore surveying, mapping and data processing automation in mining

16 June 2021

Scale model and animation of a "hypothetical" seafloor sampling tool.

8 Sep 2020